Construction Computer Software


Candy on Citrix

Major construction companies are running Candy on Citrix in Dubai, Australia and in the UK.

There are many advantages to running in a virtual environment. From a Candy support and user experience point of view, Citrix solves the problem of low or intermittent bandwidth problems.

Low quality networks, especially WAN or VPN networks, can cause major interruptions and data loss for users. With a virtual desktop environment this problem is removed as Candy and its data runs on a server – the only data crossing the network is a ‘picture’ of the application running on the desktop.

Deploying Candy on a Citrix server is as easy as installing any simple application and making sure that the correct group of users is presented with a shortcut to the Candy application.

Candy is not packaged as an MSI, however the setup file can be controlled with command line parameters.

One common problem is that the default user desktop is offered with 256 colours and a restrictive screen resolution. This makes Candy very difficult to work with. For effective operation, 1024 x 768 with hi-colour (16-bit) is the absolute minimum.

Additionally, since Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft, it is suggested that users are presented with a Windows 7 environment.