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Estimation Manager with CCS Candy Experience


Name: Ashraf Abdel Malek Salib Ghobrial .
Nationality: Egyptian
Date of Birth: 13/08/1962.
Address in Kuwait: AL-Salmiya, Area 4, Street 6, Building No. 4, 1st floor, Flat 1, Hawalli Governorate, State of Kuwait.
Address in Egypt: 16 Abdel Salam El-Shazly Street, Hassan Khatan Building, 4th Floor, Flat No. 9, Damanhour City, Al-Behera Governorate, Egypt.
Phone No’s: +965-65981202/+965-97826402
E-mail address:

C.V. Objectives:
Estimation Manager for Infrastructure works includes; Bridges, Troughs, all civil works for Gas and Oil Pipelines, Roads, Storm water, Sanitary, Water Supply, and Telephone Networks.

From my experience as shown here in the later paragraph, I am qualified to carry out the following job fields;

  1. Tender Estimation Civil (Kuwait), I have the ability to carry out the Direct cost, Indirect cost, price analysis, materials inquiry, materials comparison and all infrastructure tender Calculations. My works is in Excel and CCS format.
  2. Irrigation Projects (Egypt), I have the ability to carry out the supervision on the execution of the irrigation development contracts, and feasibility study for new projects.


  • From October 1976 to June 1979, Military Secondary school, Damanhour, Behera, Egypt.
  • From October 1979 to July 1984, Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University, Egypt
  • From October 1989 to November 1990, Irrigation Institute, Southampton University, Southampton, UK.

Technical papers and publications:

  • A graduation project in Harbor Department at Alexandria University about “The Design of Various elements of a complete Harbor”, July 1984.
  • A dissertation in partial fulfillment of the Master Degree in Irrigation Science, the title was “An investigation of the water use efficiency for different water allocation rules”. November 1990.

University degrees:

  • B.S.C in Civil Engineering, July 1984, Alexandria University, Egypt.
  • M.S.C in Irrigation Science, July1991, Southampton University, UK.

Training programs:

  • Construction Estimation & Valuations course using Construction Computer Software (CCS), October 2009, Kuwait.
  • Primavera project planner for the enterprise version 5.0, Primavera system Inc, October 2006, Cairo, Egypt.
  • ISO 9000 & 14000 Awareness Course, SIMS, August 2000, Kuwait.
  • Project Estimation and cost control, Projacs, April 1995, Kuwait.
  • Pascal, Ministry of public works and water resources, Sep 1992, Cairo, Egypt.
  • PC maintenance and operations, USAID, March 1992, Cairo, Egypt.
  • Auto cad, Ministry of public works and water resources, Feb 1992, Cairo, Egypt.
  • Delivery system design and automatic structure training, Ministry of public works and water resources, November 1990, Cairo, Egypt.
  • English Course, the language Centre, September 1989, University of Southampton, Southampton, England.
  • English Course, the English Centre, July 1989, Eastbourne, East Sussex, England.
  • Canal Lining: Design and Execution, Ministry of public works and water resources, November 1988, Cairo, Egypt.
  • Feasibility Study Training, Ministry of public works and water resources, June 1988, Alexandria, Egypt.
  • Aquatic weed control, Ministry of public works and water resources, November 1987, Cairo, Egypt.

Work history:
1. From March 2014- Till March 2017, I rejoined working for Mushrif Co. as Senior Estimation Civil Engineer for Infrastructure Tenders. My Scope of works range from studying the tender documents at initial stage, pricing the tender and submitting it at final stage . I used The Construction Computer Software (Candy) in Pricing in the last year of my service in Mushrif.
2. From Sep 2012-Till July 2013, I re-joined working for Mushrif Co. as a Tender civil Engineer for Infrastructure tenders. My scope of work is the same as included in paragraph No. 3
3. From May 2009-Till March 2012, I was working for Mushrif Co. as a Tender civil Engineer for Infrastructure tenders. My scope of work is the same as included in paragraph No. 5 plus carrying out work of price estimation for the tenders when it is required from me. I am using Excel spreadsheets in price estimations
4. From January 2007– to Feb 2009, I was working for Al-Hamrah Kuwait Co. as Civil Estimation Engineer for Construction Tenders. My work includes but not limited to; making Direct Cost, Indirect Cost, Price analysis, Materials inquires and materials comparison.
5. From November 2004 – to July 2006, I worked for Mushrif Co. as a Tender civil Engineer for Infrastructure tenders. My scope of work included the following;
5.1 Going through the technical specification for the tender.
5.2 Going through the details of the Road works, Storm water network, Sanitary Network, water supply Network, Telephone Network, Civil works for Electrical Networks
5.3 Revising the Bill of quantities, Estimating Lump sum items and checking quantities for more accurate figures.
5.4 Sending Sub-contractor material inquiry and making material comparison.
5.5 Closing all the tender documents, Seal it and submit the tender.
6. From January 2002 – to November 2004, I worked for the Ministry of public works and water resources in Egypt as assistant director of operation for two Irrigation development projects. MY works included the construction of the following;
6.1 UPVC pressure pipe lines – 6 bar.
6.2 Pump houses.
6.3 Inlet structures.
6.4 Head Regulators.
6.5 Road and foot Bridges.
6.6 Main irrigation system Earthworks.
6.7 Overflow structures.
6.8 Side slope pitching protection.
My scope of work range between; site work, revise the design of the pressure pipe lines provided by the supervision engineers, solve any problems which may arise with the site engineers in the field, Supervise the work of 3 main contractors in the site, and the work in the office which range from checking all the work done day by day and transfer this work into quantities for a monthly payments to contractors, to the monthly reports which will be submitted to the ministry at the end of each month.
7- From August 2001 – to January 2002; I worked for Al- Ghanim international Trading and contracting Co. as a Cost Control Engineer.
8- From August 1997 – to March 2001; I worked for Mushrif Co. as Tender civil engineer, during this period I worked also as site engineer for Ten months for project of Multi-purpose shooting range contract;
1 The client was American Ministry of defense.
2 Main contractor was ABB Susa Inc.
3 Sub-contractor was: Mushrif Co.
The works included Earthworks on defilades, road works, R.C slabs for defilades and electrical PVC ducts.
*** Attached to My C.V. a letter of recommendation from ABB project Manager regarding my works in this project.
9- From December 1993 – to July 1997; I worked for Combined Group Co. in Kuwait as a civil engineer for tender studies for the infrastructure tenders and for some time worked for construction tenders. My scope of works is the same as item No. 5 above.
10- From January 1993 – to October 1993; I worked as a supervising engineer for Ministry of Public works and water resources in Egypt (MPWWR) in an Irrigation project of Expanding and increasing the depth of waterway which mix the drain water with the canal water. Works included, Excavation using wire excavators, Sucking machines, side slope grading, Earth filling, soil compaction and disposal of surplus soil.
11- From November 1990 – to December 1992; I worked as a feasibility study engineer for the proposed Irrigation Projects for (MPWWR). The works included; Field gathering information about the Command area, daily water level Automatic recording Reading through out the year, Measuring water discharges through reaches and estimating the water losses in these reaches, Measuring the efficiencies of the irrigation system from the main canal to the farm ditches, measuring the infiltration of the soil, identifying the problems of the command area, doing the cost analysis and issuing the final report.
12- From July 1989 – to November 1990; I travelled to England to study the master degree course.
13- From November 1987 – to July 1989; I worked for (MPWWR) in Egypt , as a supervising engineer for an irrigation project of lining of Bahig canal with shotcrete. Works included, Earth works, Bridges, lining of 13.0 kilometer of the canal.
14- From July 1987 – to October 1987; I worked as a contractor engineer in construction of irrigation structures in canals like, pipe culverts, side slope pitching protection and small type bridges.
15- From Graduation date – to July 1987; Military Service.
Tenders history:
Around 99% of my work in Tenders was for the infrastructure tenders during the work period in Combined group co. and Mushrif co., while the other 1% was for the construction tenders during the work period mostly in Al-Hamrah Kuwait co.

Computer skills
I was working on computer science 1988, I found my work on computer very satisfactory for the reason that I had created a full range of programs on excel and Quattro pro spreadsheets. These programs makes me save a lot’s of time in estimating the quantities for the infrastructure Networks. Lately I am doing some programs for price estimation using Excel also I am using CCS software in pricing the tenders.
Computer programs list for infrastructure tenders purpose :
1- Average depth for Sanitary/ Storm water Networks.
2- Bedding Calculation for Sanitary/ Storm water Networks.
3- Manhole Calculation for Sanitary/ Storm water/ Water supply/ Telephone Networks.
4- Cut/ Fill calculation for Road Network.
5- Cut/ Fill calculation for Housing projects.
6- Price estimation analysis for each item of the Tender in Both Excel/CCS

1- Mr. Mohamed Ghanim – Kuwait.
Manager Tendering department
Mobile: +965 99727583