Construction Computer Software


Senior/Lead Estimation Engineer with CCS Candy

Edgardo Remoto
Manila, Philippines
Present Address:
Farwaniya, Kuwait
CP. No. +965 66556024
Permanent Address:
Lot 676 E-4 Thunderbird Street,
Zabarte Townhomes,
Novaliches, Quezon City, Philippines
Tel. No: +632 419 7240

Work Experience:
Over twenty four year of experience in the Construction industry having held a range of positions from Civil Site Engineer, AutoCADD Operator/Quantity Surveyor, Senior Estimation Engineer and Deputy Manager (Tendering & Estimation) in various reputable construction companies local and abroad.

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering – 1989
Divine Word College of Legazpi (DWCL), Philippines
Civil Service Eligible-Career Service Professional

Computer Literacy:
Candy CCS (Construction Computer Software for Estimating & Valuations)
Microsoft Office Applications, Auto CADD, On-screen take-off & Photoshop
Attended training in Computer-aided construction project management (Primavera)

Professional Experience:

May 10, 2016 to Date Senior Estimator
Mushrif Trading & Contracting Co., Kuwait

• Reviews bid document then prepares tender schedule, appraisal form and bid presentation document for the management tender appraisal.
• Identifies major quantity and classifies particular item that requires quotation from specialized supplier or subcontractor.
• Categorizes important aspect of the tender, classifies any discrepancy and missing information or drawing details prior to the scheduled pre-tender meeting and site visit.
• Interprets and reviews tender drawings then sort out any inconsistency to tender requirements prior to formal request for clarification to the client.
• Prepares material take-off of several civil works and MEP civil related items in CCS worksheet then proceed on the price analysis in conformity with the tender requirements, design standards and specifications.
• Preparation of detailed cost estimate/breakdown as per the scope of work which includes manpower, equipment, material and indirect cost in compliance with the company’s standard and procedures.
• Coordination with the quantity surveyor and procurement team pertaining to particular BOQ and quotations.
• Carry out cost estimates amendment to comply with the addendum documents, team suggestions or as per the manager’s comment and advise.
• Develops CCS resource analysis/build up or database in a way to generate quicker and precise tender pricing procedures.
• Ensures that resource structure adapts with the estimating manager’s criteria and in conformity with the company standards.
• Performs other duties as per the manager’s directive.

July 06, 2015 to April 30, 2016 Deputy Manager – Tendering & Estimation
QBG Contracting, Muscat Oman

• Manages tendering personnel in the preparation of tenders and assure that cost estimation meets the client requirements.
• Perform an initial assessment of the tender invitation letter then discuss with the general manager for bid or no bid strategy.
• Established the company CCS candy master and developed/proposed tendering systems and procedures in a way to generate a quick, more accurate estimating result.
• Introducing systematic quantification of materials, resource analysis & cost estimation techniques to acquire most competitive price proposals.
• Reviewing past and current tenders and analyzes lessons learnt to achieve a winning strategy.
• Developing and maintaining estimating systems and procedures and proposed supplementary methods to upgrade the existing department practices.
• Assisting and/or leading in proposal preparation, presentation prior to bid submittal.
• Trained quantity surveyors/estimators and developed their skills using candy program and other quantification/estimation techniques.
• Receive orders from the General Manager and consults/reports relevant tendering concerns..

October 08, 2014 to July 05, 2015 Senior Estimator/Engineer
Aktor, Qatar

• Prepares CCS civil master ensuring that norms and resource structure adapts with the new tendering manager’s criteria and in accordance with the company standards and procedures.
• Coordinates with MEP estimation team regarding new tenders prior to preparation of BOQ in CCS Candy format.
• Interprets and reviews tender documents/drawings, discuss with the tendering manager pertaining to significant tender issues then proceed with the detailed material, labor, equipment and subcontractor cost estimates
• Coordinates with the procurement staff regarding material and civil subcontractor scope then analyze and discuss any selected supplier/subcontractor price proposal.
• Coordinates with Civil QS concerning discrepancies in the BOQ. Other composite civil item of works are generated either by CCS macros or worksheet variable method.
• Reports directly to the tendering Manager and work out for the preparation of other related cost estimates or tender attachments intended for the bid proposal.
• Performs other estimation related tasks as per MEP head/coordinator advise.
• Prepares previous and current tender estimating data such as equipment utilization and manpower productivity, material costs and other related estimating details

December 10, 2005 to October 7, 2014: Senior Estimation Engineer
Kharafi National K.S.C., Kuwait

Sector of work is extensively within tenders of large scale Infrastructure projects, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Power, Water & Waste water for Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC), Ministry of Electricity & Water (MEW), Ministry of Public works (MPW), Petrochemical Industries Company (PIC), U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Arwa Real Estates, Amiri Diwan and other reputable clients within and outside Kuwait.

• Interpret and review civil drawings and classify whichever variation to tender requirements.
• Preparation of detailed cost estimates/breakdown as per the scope of work which includes material take off, resources, equipment and material cost in compliance with the company’s standard and procedures.
• Preparation of request for quotation of materials and provide necessary reference drawings and specification documents to the intended vendors or suppliers and evaluate same against tender requirement/specification to include in the tender documentation.
• Coordination with the Operations team involved in the tender to discuss any relevant information regarding the civil scope of works and other civil related works to ensure that all aspects are met in accordance with the client requirements.
• Coordination with the internal customers and vendors/suppliers and provides essential correspondence for quantities, costs and specifications.
• Preparation of Cost/Proposal Summary, Cash Flow Chart, Manpower and Equipment Schedule.

Tenders Undertaken (Awarded):
1. Bid Pack 3A- Central Utility Plant 1 & 2 inclusive of Ancillary Buildings for Sabah Al-Salem University City, Client: Kuwait University
2. Upgration of Obsolete Fire Detection, Alarm Suppression Systems at KNPC Site including the
Phase-Out of Halon System, Client: KNPC/Hanwa E & C
3. Booster Station (BS-171)-Construction of Civil, Building, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation including Pre-commissioning/commissioning assistance, Client: KOC/Saipem SpA
4. Camp Arifjan Communication Facility which includes Design & Build of Communication Building including supply, installation, testing and commissioning of Building Services, Client: US Army Corps of Engineers/CH2M Hill
5. Construction of Administration Building, Bayan Palace-Kuwait, Client: Amiri Diwan
6. Construction of Paper Storage Building, Client: ARWA Real Estate Company
7. Design and Construction of New Building for Universal Printing Press, Client: ARWA Real Estate Company
8. Converting the Manual fire fighting system at the fuel tanks of the Doha Station, Client: MEW
9. Expansion of Sulaibiya Waste Water Treatment and Ardiya Pumping Station, Client: MPW
10. Other Industrial & Maintenance Tenders

Project Site Assignment: AutoCADD Optr./Quantity Surveyor
1. KPPC Aromatics Complex
A. Construction of Main Control Building 94, Substation 92 and Substation 93.
(Reinforced Concrete Blast Proof Structures)

B. KPPC Aromatics Complex – Temporary Facilities
Temporary facilities comprising Owner’s Office Building, SK Office Building, TCM Office Building, Warehouse, Clinic, Mess Hall, Safety Induction Building, Guard House, Car Sheds, Perimeter Fencing and Asphalt Paving.

2. Amiri Diwan Garage, Bayan Palace, Kuwait
A Garage Building located at Bayan Palace, Kuwait with a floor area of about 36,750 sq. m. composed of Structural Steel Columns and Roofing for the main structural framing and roofing, and Reinforced cast-in-situ concrete structure for the two storey workshop/offices building.

• Preparation of CAD drawings for approval, construction and as-built for the Bayan Palace projects and Aromatics Temporary Facilities.
• Coordinates and provides necessary information to the Engineer in-charge regarding details on addition, deletion or any changes in the construction drawings and other related matters.
• Interpret, review construction drawings and identify any differences in the measurement sheets.
• Preparation of quantities for civil and architectural based on the approved plans and specifications.
• Review and evaluation of the quantity of works done by subcontractors.
• Monitors site accomplishments and prepares bill of quantities prior to progress billing.

May 06, 2004 to May 06, 2005: Civil Engineer (Estimation/AutoCADD)
Dehdari General Trading and Cont. Est., Kuwait

Ali Al Salem Air Base-Kuwait
1. Design and Construct AFSOD Building (Owned by U.S. Air Force) An Office Building composed of Structural Steel supports & roofing, R. C foundation & slabs and concrete masonry unit walls.
2. Design and Construct JASDF Building (Owned by Japanese Air-Self Defense Force) An Office Building composed of Structural Steel Columns and Roofing, R. C foundation & slabs and sandwich panel walls.
3. Design/Supply and Install MSA Admin Trailers and MSA Workshop Facilities
4. Design and Construct Age Facility Conc. Pad & Sunshades
5. Building 380 Modification
6. Asphalt Pavement of South Ramp Aircraft Parking Lot

• Responsible for CADD, quantity & cost estimates, construction schedules prior to bid proposals.
• Preparation of construction drawings, construction schedule on every awarded project.
• Prepares catalogue submittals and other requirements for evaluation and approval by the Client.
• Conducts site visit/inspection to ensure that implementation of work complies with the contract requirements.
• Coordination with the Engineer in-charge or client representative in case there are some conflicts on the drawings and site implementation works then provides revision or modification drawings.
• Attends coordination meeting as required by the client to discuss technical queries and other related issues.

May 26, 1999 to July 23, 2003: Civil Site Engineer
Hyundai Engineering & construction Co. Inc, Singapore

1. MRT North-east Line C706 (LTI Station), Serangoon St., Singapore (May 1999 to Sept. 2000)
An underground Bomb Proof Mass Rail Transit Project comprising Farrer Park Station, a Cut and Cover Tunnel, and Little India Station includes Entrances and Subways.

2. MRT North-east Line C701, Hougang, Singapore (Sept. 2000 to March 2001)
A Mass Rail Transit (Depot) Project comprising 4-Storey Main Office Building, 2-Storey Workshop Building and Single Storey Central Warehouse, Locomotive Workshop, Canteen and Ancillary Building with R. C. Deck over Tracks.

3. Reclamation of Jurong Island Phase 4 and Tuas View Extension, Singapore (March 2001 to July 2003) – A Reclamation Project owned by Jurong Town Corporation with an approximate area of 8,100,000 sq. m. and an average reclaimed depth of about 18.0 m. above sea bed.

(MRT Underground Station/Depot Projects)
• Site Engineer for the civil works and ensures that all works been implemented in accordance with the design requirements and standards and met an agreed program of works.
• Coordination with Mechanical, Electrical, Architectural and Design Engineers regarding variations in the approved plan /design requirements and on site execution then suggests possible solution to the issue.
• Monitors subcontractor performance and provides assistance and ensures that all works been implemented in compliance with the design specification and procedures.
• Conducts initial inspection to any structure scheduled for concreting then prepares inspection requests and clearances prior to final inspection.
• Assists the client during site inspection and supervises any rectification works.
• Arrange and coordinate with the Batching Plant Engineer regarding daily casting schedule.
• Observes and ensures that safety and quality of works complies with safety and quality standards.
• Performs other duties such as supervision/monitoring during installations of smoke curtains, rain water pipes, and other mechanical services such as ductworks, chilled water and sprinkler pipes.
• Prepares daily activity and accomplishment reports.

(Reclamation Project)
• Responsible for the installations of soil investigation instruments and ensures that all works complies with the client requirements.
• Supervise the soil investigation and in-situ tests like undisturbed soil samplings, standard penetration tests, field vane shear tests and Land/Marine Cone penetration tests.
• Arrange and assists the client’s representative during site inspections and resolved any problems arises in compliance with the client’s standards.
• Provides investigation data, settlement graphs, pore water pressure graphs and other suggested soil investigation reports.
• Provides initial soil analysis on gathered soil samples then provide AutoCad drawings and borehole logs for record purposes then arrange the delivery of samples for laboratory tests.
• Prepares daily activity and accomplishment reports.

May 1998 to March 1999: Site Engineer/Supervisor
L & M Maxco Co. Inc., Makati City, Philippines

1. Makro Store #4 (Commercial Shopping Mall) – Sucat, Muntinlupa, Philippines (Dec. 1998 to March 1999)

2. Metro Manila Skyway, Phase 1C1 to 1C2 (May 1998 to Dec. 1998)
An elevated Highway with an approximate length of about fifteen kilometers constructed above the existing South Expressway, construction started from Bicutan, Taguig to Buendia Avenue, Makati City, Philippines.

• Engineer in-charge for the execution of works for the construction of superstructure elevated highways and Civil works for Makro commercial shopping mall.
• Supervises and monitors direct labor force and subcontractors daily activities and ensures that all works have been done in accordance with the agreed program of works.
• Coordinates with the design consultants and made some technical clarifications before and during site implementation in order to avoid or minimize mistakes and reworks.
• Assists the client during site inspection prior to and during concrete casting activities.
• Supervise and ensures that civil/structural and other related works commenced with the design specifications.
• Closely supervise and monitors the critical works such as installation of the rotating mechanism, shear bars, post-tensioning activities and rotation of the pier heads.
• Prepares rebar- cutting lists in every structure and ensures that rebar installation activities conforms to the design requirements/schedule.
• Coordinates and assists client/consultant during site inspection.
• Attends coordination meeting with the client as required.
• Evaluates subcontractor accomplishments.
• Prepares engineering reports and statistics.

March 1995 to May 1998: Site Engineer/Supervisor/Rebar Engineer
BF Corporation (General Construction Division), Philippines

1. Makati Prime City (Tokyo Shanghai Twin Tower) – Makati, Philippines
An 18 Storey Twin Tower building composed of eighty percent of precast structures and twenty percent of a Cast-in-situ Reinforced concrete wherein the IMS Technology, Inc., a Yugoslavian precast specialist acts as the Design consultant of the building project.

2. Precasting Project -Sta. Rosa, Laguna, Philippines
Precast elements comprising short pillars, edge girders, cantilever slabs and columns intended for the Makati Prime City Buildings with a total of 3483 Precast elements. Weights ranges from 0.50 ton to 6.8 tons per element to accommodate the 18 storey twin tower building wherein the IMS Technology, Inc., a Yugoslavian Precasting / Post-tensioning specialists acts as a design consultants for the project.

3. PB COM Tower (52 Storey High Rise Building) -Ayala Ave., Makati City, Philippines
4. Robinsons Place Ermita (Commercial Shopping Mall) – Manila, Philippines

• Rebar Engineer/Supervisor for the construction of Robinsons Place Ermita, Commercial Building.
• Rebar Engineer/Supervisor during the foundation activities of the 52 – Storey PB Com Tower.
• Site Engineer in-charge for the erection/assembly of pre-cast structures and closely monitors that all works have done in accordance with the design standards.
• Assists the design consultants and post-tensioning technicians in conducting post tensioning activities.
• Coordinates with the Traffic Engineer from the Pre-cast plant to ensure that the Pre-cast element deliveries have passed the required compressive strength tests.
• Ensure proper deployment of resources for timely completion of work schedules.
• Monitors closely daily activities and provides reports as required by the client.
• Site engineer responsible for the pre-casting activities.
• Provides method statement as required for the pre-casting stage and transportation of precast structures.
• Prepares material take-off, labor and equipment costs.
• Witness/provide records during initial and final compressive strength tests of precast structures.
• Responsible with the daily manpower distribution.
• Attends technical coordination meeting with the clients as required.
• Conducts weekly meeting regarding construction and safety matters on site.
• Ensures that safety and quality of work complies with safety and quality standards.
• Prepares daily accomplishment reports.

January 1994 to March 1995: Project Coordinator/Technical Staff
New San Jose Builders – Quezon City, Philippines
Project: Mary Homes Housing Project – Bacoor, Cavite, Philippines Residential Housing

• Coordinates with the Project Engineer/Manager regarding status of the project.
• Monitors and conducts inventory of materials, tools and equipments needed on site.
• Monitors subcontractors and direct labor productivity.
• Evaluates and inspects the project accomplishments in relation to the approved program of work.

February 1993 to September 1993: Civil Eng’g. Aide
Dalaya Construction and Development Corporation, Quezon City, Philippines
Project: Bayfront Country Homes – Residential Low Cost Housing

January 1990 to May 1991: Eng’g. Assistant
Department of Public Works & Highways -Region V, Legazpi City, Philippines
Project: Concreting of Ligao – Pioduran Road

• Drafts construction plans.
• Checks quality and quantity of materials delivered on site.
• Prepares daily/weekly/monthly reports regarding delivery, equipment utilization and manpower productivity.
• Assists the Project Engineer in supervising the construction.
• Verifies project accomplishment as to adherence to approved plans and specifications.
• Prepares engineering reports and statistics.

Personal Background:
Date of Birth : January 11, 1967
Nationality : Filipino
Civil Status : Married
Passport No : EB9738193

Training Courses attended:

1. Construction Estimation & Valuation
Candy CCS (Construction Computer Software) – February 2013

2. Computer-Aided Construction Project Management (Using Primavera 3.0) – August 2005
Crescent Technologies, Manila, Philippines

3. Auto CADD 2002 (2D & 3D) – January 2003
MICROCADD Technologies Co., Inc., Philippines

4. Safety Leadership Training Course – December 2008
KPPC Aromatics Project, Shuaiba, Kuwait

5. On-Screen Take Off – June 2008
On Center University – Training Venue: Kharafi National

6. Kharafi National Manager’s Training Program
Subject Covered: Leading and Managing People, Teamwork & Managing Teams, Problem Solving & Decision Making, Setting Goals, Planning, Body Language, Controlling & Delegation