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Construction Business News – After the Boom

Andrew Skudder, CEO, CCS, advises now is the time for construction companies to get back control of their operations. With the GCC construction industry enduring a tough economic climate following years of unprecedented growth, contractors are realising the value of greater control and transparency in their operations. Unfortunately, according to Andrew Skudder, CEO, CCS, the […]

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EOH places 7th in the Sunday Times’ Top 100

In November last year, the Sunday Times newspaper hosted the annual Top 100 Companies event to celebrate the top performing companies on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), where the EOH Group (that acquired CCS in 2014) achieved an admirable 7th position. Of the “ranking” Asher Bohbot, CEO of EOH, was introspective: “Being seventh out of […]

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Big Project ME – Recession – Proof Your Business

Ian Hauptfleisch, General Manager of CCS Gulf, tells Big Project ME how his company’s cost control software can help contractors protect themselves in difficult economic times. With GCC construction companies focused on tightening budgets and cutting costs due to the overall slowdown in construction work across the region, the need for better control over project […]

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Construction Week – Five minutes with: Peter Cheney, CCS

Tell me a little about Construction Computer Software (CCS) Over the past 30-plus years, CCS has developed a process that tracks the initial asset investment throughout the planning, feasibility, and project stage. Pre-tender, pre-bid, post-bid, all the way through the entire process and thereafter; in other words, final account. It does this in such a […]

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Big Project ME – Future in our hands – Are mobile solutions the way forward for the GCC construction industry?

No matter where you go in the world, a country’s construction industry is an accurate barometer of the strength of its economy. Traditionally one of the largest employers and a major source of revenue, it’s often incumbent on the building industry to set trends and show the way forward….. See what our MD Mr. Peter […]

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