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The essential customized report writing solution for contractors

SmartBI offers the user powerful report writing functionality, freedom and flexibility to generate their own customized and automated Excel reports.  These reports, often for management packs, can be formatted in exactly the way you require and provide the data for graphic dashboard displays.

SmartBI is more than just a reporting engine. Additional modules fast track your ability to generate custom reports for all of the specialized BuildSmart modules.  With BuildSmart providing the raw data, and with intermediate to advanced Excel skills, you can produce any reporting output required.

SmartBI provides a packaged set of fully developed standard Excel reports.  This is an on-going process and as more reports are developed, they can be downloaded for import into your SmartBI system.  SmartBI allows you to harness the power of the world’s most widely used presentation platform, MS Excel, to achieve full business intelligence from your BuildSmart system data.

Excel productivity loss prevented

Although an estimated 30 million people utilise MS excel regularly, most suffer from the symptom known as “Excel leakage”.  This refers to the productivity loss, or “leakage”, from manual and repetitive report preparation tasks associated with the export to Excel, or with the “cut and paste” process.

The construction industry is particularly dependent on MS Excel and companies have developed millions of spreadsheets requiring vast amounts of effort with formulas, formula maintenance, and with formatting.  SmartBI is the way to produce these Excel reports without this effort and productivity loss.

Access to information, when it is needed, and in flexible formats, requires a commitment to a process and in most cases, a change in reporting culture.  Using BI and the Excel format is usually the first step in stamping out inefficient report preparation.  As you initiate this journey, you will benefit from the recent Microsoft advances made to enhance the business intelligence capabilities of their suite of commonly used applications.

Starter Pack modules

SmartBI provides the following modules as part of the starter pack.  These are the basic modules any construction organization will require.

  • General ledger / Boardroom pack
  • Contract Costing
  • Sub Contractors
  • Procurement
  • Payroll
  • Plant