Construction Computer Software


Document Management

The essential document management solution for contractors

SmartDoc provides the contractor with an integrated document management system, accessed directly from the BuildSmart system.  This provides a comprehensive project document management infrastructure for managing all documents and communication on a project, as well as for the construction organization generally.  SmartDoc provides a complete set of powerful features.

Central Repository

Manage your project related documents and records in an access controlled central repository

Ease of Loading Documents

Documents can be loaded into Docwize individually, or in bulk or directly from MS Outlook, Word and Excel using the Docwize Add-in function

Powerful Searching Functionality

The structured Index Matrix of documents consists of meta-data describing the documents including: the contract or project, the folder and WBS allocations, and this provides users with a powerful search engine allowing searches using any combinations of the fields available including the document contents.

Revision control

Documents are revision controlled and clearly identified as current or superseded

Tracking documents

The system will allow the project to track all important dates relating to documents. This includes tracking response dates, comments and approvals from and to subcontractors and the client

Managing Emails

Emails can be saved individually or in bulk directly from MS Outlook into the system

Managing Drawings and other Technical documents

The system allows for the management of drawings and other technical documents. The documents are revision controlled and a full history of status changes is maintained


Transmittals for the distribution of drawings and other documents are generated with system generated reference numbers in the numbering format established.  Status, response due date, comments and replies to documents submitted are all tracked

Drawing registers

Comprehensive drawing registers can be produced showing the complete revision and transmittal history of all technical documents in the system

Other reports and registers

Various additional reports and registers can be produced from the system, including Audit reports, Correspondence Registers and Workflow reports showing outstanding and late actions by company, by department, and by user.  Search results can also be exported to Excel with hyperlinks to the documents on the register if required


Data books can be compiled and tracked using the system


The Workflow allows for the distribution of documents and the tracking of action requests and due dates either to selected individuals or to Distribution Groups.  Workflows can be sent to both internal system users and external users. Structured and non-structured workflow are supported.  Email notifications with hyperlinks are sent when documents or tasks are distributed or allocated.

Document templates

Word documents, for example, formal letters, can be generated from Templates available in the system

Reference number templates

Reference numbers can be generated from templates in the system.  The reference number format and sequence are based on various criteria including the document type and date

Audit trails

The system maintains a history of all user activity.  This data can be used to produce audit reports and to support KPI indicators


Security and access levels are controlled.  The system allows the system administrator to set-up security access levels using a unique matrix of folder permissions, project permissions, groups and user access control.  Access to program functions and menu items by users can also be controlled


Replication can be used to run branch or site servers. This allows remote branches or sites to work on local servers which is faster and provides better access to the system for users.  These are synchronised to head office servers at predefined frequency and times.

Claims & Disputes

The system allows managers to be proactive in preparing for any recoveries, claims or potential litigation. The system has a long history of being used in managing claims and litigation of various types, and it therefore caters specifically for this within its structure and reporting functions. Issues and incidents can be flagged, categorised, and tracked. A detailed index of documents can serve as the schedule for any cost recoveries or claims.  Should disputes go to arbitration or litigation, the system can be used to assist the legal and technical teams with efficient case preparation

SharePoint Integration

The system provides a SharePoint webpart for integration with SharePoint.