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Human Resources

The essential human resources solution for contractors

SmartHR,  the Buildsmart Human Resources Management System is powered by PsiberWORKS.  This is a comprehensive HR administration and management system designed specifically for the needs of large,  medium and small contractors.  All statutory and labour requirements are catered for:

Key Features

  • Integrated with SmartPay, requiring only one point of entry for employee data
  • All aspects of day to day personnel administration from recruitment to retirement
  • All screens are easy to read, easy to use and logically grouped
  • Accurate statistics and reporting across organizations, groups and payrolls
  • Web based, accessible from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Solid security to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information
  • Comprehensive access and audit controls supported by email notifications
  • Help text and user guides are available online, backed by qualified professionals
  • Many standard forms, procedures and letters are available to enable the user to customise the system to suit their requirements.

SmartHR brings together all your employee records into a single location for effective employee management, analysis & reports.  Significant savings are achieved through reduced losses such as for inaccurate management of leave, and through accurate information and greater productivity.

Product Functionality

  • Equity Reporting
  • Basic Job Grading
  • Document Templates
  • Employee Project History
  • Employee Master Data
  • Contracts
  • Equipment & Clothing
  • Dependents, Next of Kin, Emergency Contacts
  • Disciplinary & Misconduct
  • Imports & Exports
  • Injury on Duty & Workmen’s Compensation
  • Education, Languages
  • Appraisals
  • Loans & Savings
  • Exit Management
  • Forms & Templates
  • Engagement & Discharge Checklists
  • Previous Employment Details
  • Recruitment Management
  • Passports & Visas
  • Automated Leave Management
  • Project History
  • Vehicles, Licenses & Fines
  • Issue & Management of Employee Shares
  • Over 300 Standard & Customizable Reports
  • Medical Details, Allergies, Disabilities and Health & Safety Certificates
  • Cost Centres, Departments, Divisions & Paypoints
  • Skills & Experience
  • Performance Management
  • Email & SMS Notifications
  • Unlimited Image Attachments
  • Mass Capture Facility
  • Memberships

Additional Information

  • Buildsmart HR Modules
    • Product Brochure.
    • Product Brochure (Detailed)
    • Technology Architecture Overview.
  • Buildsmart HR Administration (Basic)
    • Product Overview.
    • Performance and Succession Overview.
    • Training and Development Records Overview.
    • Report List and Samples.
  • Buildsmart HR Management (Advanced)
    • Product Overview.
    • Job Description Overview.
    • Position Management Overview.
    • Report List and Samples.
    • Recruitment Overview.