Construction Computer Software



The essential payroll solution for contractors

SmartPay is a powerful yet easy to use, fully functional payroll system.  Importantly, as labour is a major component of cost, labour cost can be seamlessly provided by activity as well as cost code to be fully integrated within the CCS Integrated Cost Management System.

SmartPay provides the user with total flexibility.  With the earnings and deductions development system, even the most complex calculation can be handled.  The system produces all statutory calculations and reports including stamps, and is fully integrated with contract cost reporting and enterprise accounts.

Additional Features:

  • Unlimited employees, flexible labour costing
  • Unlimited earning/deduction sets
  • User defined and standard calculations
  • Hourly, weekly and monthly payrolls
  • Unlimited payrolls per organisation
  • Off site batch capture and imports
  • Integrated with site time & attendance systems


SmartPay caters for multiple users and role definitions.  A profile is established for each user who is then only able to execute those features allotted to that user.  The system is highly secure and protective against fraud as all actions and processes are recorded in the payroll log, amendments to fields and entry and exits to processes are all recorded and can be viewed by the payroll administrator at any time.


SmartPay comes loaded with all of the tax tables required for the applicable country.  Stamp sets are preloaded and standard earning and deduction sets are available to use, or can be easily modified by appropriate personnel as required.

Payroll History

Using the latest database technology, employee data is stored and available for historical viewing at any time.  All runs are stored in detail and there is no need for restoring old pay runs for viewing.  Past pay runs are available for review at all times by simply selecting the appropriate pay period.


Information in the accounts and procurement modules relevant for payroll entry are immediately available – Projects, Contracts, Divisions, Activities and Ledger codes are all fully integrated.  Changes made in the other modules are available without the need to import any data from these systems. Automatic postings to the cost ledger and the general ledger occur without the need for intervention. The self-balancing process ensures that all costs are accurately posted in the ledger system and all of the corresponding postings are made.