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BuildSmart: Procurement


The essential procurement solution for contractors

SmartBuy is a powerful procurement system for contracting organizations to manage the complete requisition – purchase order – delivery – invoice reconciliation – payment cycle.  SmartBuy is built on construction roles and an efficient workflow developed though working with many clients, and it is fully integrated into the CCS Integrated Cost Management System.

Site Requisitions

These enable staff in remote locations to electronically request requisitions from the organisation’s buyer. The format is free text and allows for the buyer’s response and comments.  The progress of the requisition can then be tracked, and re-directed to another buyer if necessary.  This immediate electronic access to the company’s buyers and procurement system greatly reduces the number of “rogue purchases” and the associated loss of cost control.

Standard Requisitions

Items for procurement are selected by organisation, or contract, using pre-populated dropdowns.  Items can be selected directly from a project’s Candy resource list with budget quantities and rates.  Resource codes will insure correct Ledger/Cost Code allocation and posting.  Catalogues can also be entered from which items can be selected.  The requisition can also access supplier product databases for product information and prices, and the product databases pre-loaded from supplier defined catalogues.

Purchase Orders

The Standard Requisition then move through a defined electronic approval process, with approval limits for single or multiple approvers.  Once approved, the Requisition becomes a Purchase Order and is forwarded to the supplier via fax, email, or on-line. Delivery addresses, invoice addresses, full item descriptions, units of measure, discount details and terms and conditions are displayed.


Deliveries are captured as they occur with delivered quantities reviewed against the purchase order quantities.  When captured, a delivery immediately produces an accrued cost which is seen in the contract cost reports and the enterprise accounts.

Invoice reconciliation

Invoices are reconciled with purchase orders and deliveries for quantity and rate.  When reconciled actual costs are posted to contract cost reports and the enterprise accounts. 


Supplier quotations, if required, can be secured from an eRFQ process within SmartBuy.   Input from the eRFQ can then be used to automatically produce a requisition for the buyer, ready for the normal approval process leading to a Purchase Order.

Suppliers can log in to the system from any location, with security control procedures, and view their eRFQ.  They then have the ability to qualify the orders, accept or reject line items, and send qualification text to the buyer organisations.  In this way, both buyers and suppliers are kept informed in real time of the status of their quotations.


Subcontractor purchase orders are also produced using information provided from Candy.  This information is then provided to the Subcontractor reconciliation process in which payments, retentions and claims are managed on subcontractor certificates through the life of the contract.


SmartBuy allows the entry and updating of Supplier information, management of User roles, Units of measure, Users, Organisations, Projects and Contracts, Suppliers Master, Standard Conditions, Catalogues, Menus, User Reports, and is also the module through which to manage the exchange of information with Candy.


BuildSmart and SmartBuy are web based, not just web enabled.  They are built on .net architecture and a SQL database with access through a local area network, or a wide area network as an Intranet or Extranet application.  Users obtain access via Internet Explorer from where ever they have an internet connection.