Construction Computer Software


Time & Attendance

The essential time and attendance solution for contractors

SmartT&A is fully integrated with the BuildSmart payroll system.  This allows accurate labour cost reporting with activity breakdown for full integration into the CCS Integrated Cost Management Solution.

Smart T&A has been developed with an understanding of the construction environment, the site challenges, the need to identify employees and record essential information quickly with all sorts of site conditions.

SmartT&A will provide advice on a wide range of field units and biometric identification technologies and for either fixed or mobile applications.  Information is validated in the SmartT&A environment to insure that it will be accurately uploaded into BuildSmart where labour costing is then immediately available on an accrued or actual basis in Detailed Contract Cost reporting.

SmartT&A provides for tight labour cost monitoring and effective labour cost control.  This will reduce payroll ‘losses’, avoid ‘over-clocking’, and it allows labour cost recording by activity with seamless integration into BuildSmart payroll without the need for any special reports or interpretations.


  • Accurate labour & activity tracking
  • Improve information flow from site to back-office,
  • Seamless payroll integration for accurate and real time labour costing
  • Reduced manual capture, increasing accuracy and eliminating guess work
  • Accurate real time management reports
  • Reduced or eliminated paper trail
  • Remove duplication of tasks
  • Accelerated office administration processes
  • Reduced voice call costs
  • Reduced wasted travel for workers

Since Labour is such a major component of construction cost, SmartT&A will insure that accurate information is gathered at the site to form the basis of accurate activity based cost reporting, an essential element in an effective Integrated Cost Management Solution.