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Candy: Subcontract Management

Subcontract Adjudicator

The Subcontract Adjudicator is a facility for managing Subcontract packages, getting and comparing quotes and pricing the corresponding bill items with the ‘best’ quotes. 

 The Adjudicator can be used in conjunction with a Candy Subcontractor data base and RFI’s can be sent directly from the Adjudicators to the relevant subcontractors with ‘mail-merged’ letters- including a blank bill with only the relevant items for pricing. 

Returned, priced subcontract quotes can be read back into the appropriate Package bill for evaluation and comparison.The selected subcontractor quotes can be sent into the BOQ to price the relevant items.

 Various subcontract packages can be created and allocated directly against bill items which will install the bill item in the ‘package bill’ for that package.

Each subcontract package ‘reflects’ items from the main bill for the subcontract package bills.  Only items that exist in the main bill can be used in a subcontract package bill.

The Adjudicator is available at both estimate and job running stages. Standard Subcontract Packages can be established in the master and are inherited by any job created from that master.  New packages can be added to the job Package List at any time.