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V2TN003 Setting up a client sever network

V2TN005 Candy System requirements

V2TN006 Multi User

V2TN007 PDF Writer for Vista & 7

V2TN 011 Transfering CCS Data from one Computer to Another

V2TN012 – Recommended method to show delay effects


Training Manuals

Download the Estimating Candy Quick-Start manual (PDF 4MB)

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Candy TechNotes

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Download Candy evaluation version and demonstration job

Download Candy full version (If you already have an installed license, Candy will operate as a full featured system.)

Download Candy QTO


White Papers

These papers are intended for IT managers, network administrators and other decision makers who might need to know the intentions and philosophy of Candy’s design. We publish them with the aim of inviting comment and discussion but without obligation to redesign the software

1. Candy Network Installation for System Administrators  (PDF 70KB)

The Candy Project Control system can operate in several application and data location configurations. Each configuration has its pros and cons and the system administrator must weigh these up to design the best option that fits their business operations.

2. The Candy File System Mechanism and Requirements (PDF 13KB )

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