Ian Hauptfleisch, General Manager, CCS Gulf advises contractors how it can help them implement better cost control and prepare for VAT and other changing market conditions in the GCC.

The De Beers Group started excavation work on an underground extension to its Venetia Mine in South Africa in 2013.

We are very proud to announce Candy winning the Construction Computing Award for Estimating & Valuation Product of the year at The Hammers XII held in UK on Thursday evening.

Construction Computer Software


Traditionally, departments in a business will operate using specialized software to fit their roles and responsibilities.

Although Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is still relatively new in the market, most major companies have taken the step to embrace technology and implement an (ERP) solution in preference to stand alone software packages for each of their departments.

The best Construction Project Management Software for you is the one that most aligns itself with how you operate (or wish to be operating).