Cloud-based solutions for the construction industry

In this day and age, we are able to access masses of ever sensitive and delicate information quickly and easily via mobile devises and any other form of web enabled platforms. The world of construction has all too frequently dragged its feet in keeping pace, especially where 3rd party contractors are engaged, and still rely heavily on paper-based procedures which are inherently slow, promote bottlenecks and create cost implications.

If we are able to open a mobile phone app and look at our bank account information in real time, is there any reason a construction business shouldn’t be able to look at the information relating to an ongoing project in the same way? By making these elements available through the cloud, important data and information becomes accessible in real time without the need to be tethered to a desk or fixed server.

From a purely financial perspective, cloud-based construction software can deliver tangible savings. Those savings can be derived from initial and replacement (upgraded) hardware and server requirements right through to reduced fixed office space requirements as well as the financial benefit derived from instant information access from any place at any time.

Cloud systems also offer the ability to scale up and down as required, both in terms of user access and the ever-changing demands in the fluid world of construction project management. This scaling is made largely available due to the ease of setting up a cloud access in deference to embedding and installing specific hardware. Much like the ease with which even young children are able to add apps and functions to their mobile devices, that same easy access and integration is possible with cloud-based construction software and applications. The knock on benefit can be felt in having the confidence to bid for additional projects safe in the knowledge the business will be able to instantly scale up to meet the demand, removing potential barriers to business that revolve around authorising additional equipment and expenditure where time is of the essence.

In terms of cost, speaking of software solutions in construction is as always something of a misnomer as the ROI on such systems is potentially enormous. In challenging times and a very competitive market, however, it is important to acknowledge that solutions need to be tailored to suit the needs and capabilities of individual businesses and cloud solutions provide an extra option that has long been required.

We can sum up cloud solutions in terms of information and data sharing in real time. That information highway can be between contactors and sub-contractors, submitting variations and defect reports, submission of orders or even details related to resource utilisation and time sheets. Add into that all the other elements of information sharing that are leveraged by construction ERP systems and the availability of status in real time and the benefits begin to stand out.

Speaking to professionals who fully understand and can articulate the features and benefits and how they can be applied to your business is the key. Contact CCS, one of the leading specialist construction software developers and leverage their expertise into finding out how cloud solutions can enhance your operations now and as they develop further into the future.

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