Planning and Programming for Mining

Course Outline

Get to grips with Candy’s planning features. Detailed instruction will be given to produce a working program. Candidates then continue with planning & controlling the project, recording the as-built program as well as managing the information from the design team as required by the program. Effective reporting on the project status across all levels of management.

Recommended For

Planners, Site Engineers, Site Agents, Contract Managers and Estimators


2 days


    • Computer literacy and keyboard proficiency is assumed.
    • Knowledge and some experience in planning is required.
    • Knowledge of the principles of planning and bar charts is required.


    • Create a properly structured program.
    • Allocate planning resources and produce histograms for resource analysis and control.
    • Produce Long lead and Information schedules for procurement control.
    • Do progress updates for the program; comparing current progress with base program.
    • Identify and analyse progress delays.
    • Identify and analyse procurement and information delays.
    • Produce a proposal program on how to adjust the remainder of the program and minimize the delays.
    • Produce the relevant reports for the above mentioned points.