LSS presented its “First Fridays with CCS” High Tea event in Mumbai on the 6th of July 2018. The presentations focused extensively on recent developments in Candy & BuildSmart, future roadmap and industry practices from a global perspective. The event highlighted how the application of the CCS Solutions has transformed construction companies to take REAL-TIME COMPLETE CONTROL of their construction projects from estimate through to final account.

With over 35 years’ experience in providing specialised software solutions for the construction & engineering industries, Construction Computer Software (CCS) has built an international reputation for excellence in doing just that. In a recent development, the company has brought advanced versions of its software- CCS BuildSmart and CCS Candy. On this occasion, IAN HAUPTFLEISCH, CCS REGIONAL HEAD (MENA, EUROPE AND CENTRAL, NORTH & SOUTH ASIA), (IH) and PAT COOPER, SENIOR BUILDSMART CONSULTANT, CCS, (PC) spoke to ROHAN AMBIKE about the company’s offerings, the recent development in the software, the growth of India as a market, and much more.

Graeme Braybrooke, CCS Business and Systems Analyst, examines how variations play a major role in the success or failure of a project.

  • how do leading contractors globally, deal with scope changes and variations?
  • How do we keep the client and consultant updated with changes and how do contractors prove the cost that has been incurred by completing these variations?
  • What about extensions of time claims and proving Indirect costs?
  • Many questions and scenarios that could possibly be disputed and invariably are.

Construction Computer Software


Mining exploration and the establishment of new mining operations all over the world is a thriving industry and involves mining companies of vastly different scope and size.

The selection of an ERP system is a major undertaking, even more so in the construction and building industry.

Throughout recorded history, construction has been a formidable industry &  Construction that stands the test of time is generally at the forefront of technological development.