Joe de Klerk, MD at CCS Mining & Industrial shares his views on the importance of proper project control solutions.

CCS Gulf proudly sponsored the Construction Innovation Forum 2019 that took place on the 1st of May 2019 at the Fairmont the Palm Hotel. The forum saw over 150 attendees and 17 speaks take part in this event.

With over 35 years’ experience in providing specialised software solutions for the construction & engineering industries, Construction Computer Software (CCS) has built an international reputation for excellence in doing just that. In a recent development, the company has brought advanced versions of its software - CCS BuildSmart and CCS Candy. In an exclusive interview, Lalu Varghese, Director, CCS’s India operations speaks to Construction Opportunities about the latest trends in the PMs industry, the main challenges, strategies to overcome them and the future outlook.

Construction Computer Software


The pace of change and development of data and information technology today, is astonishing. The sheer amount of data available can be mesmerizing and, if not managed, thoroughly confusing or even counterproductive.

In simple terms, when we talk about “Cloud Computing”, we are talking about the use of a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to run software, store, manage, and process data. Tradition computing is the use of local servers or a personal computer to run software, store, manage, and process data.

The world we live in is rapidly moving towards digital for all aspects of business, one of the most aggressive moves is that of the construction world. For many years, construction companies have used legacy systems, which have served their purpose.