In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, we wanted to inform you, our valued Clients, that your needs and those of our employees and partners is and always will be of absolute priority to us. 

"Can Construction Technology help?"  CCS CEO, Andrew Skudder, spoke with Beeld Newspaper in South Africa.

"The construction sector is one of the least digitised industries globally. While this is largely attributed to the complexity of the industry, the power of data can no longer be ignored. It is at the heart of everything and if properly harnessed, can fundamentally change productivity in the industry." Andrew Skudder, CCS CEO.

Construction Computer Software


A focus on business continuity after an estimator decides to part ways with your organisation. Achieved through implementing the right tools, database and collaboration – everything that Candy enables. Here’s our 4-step strategy.

By embracing first principle estimating, construction companies can accurately forecast the cost of a project; anticipate and troubleshoot problems before they occur. This is the power behind CCS Candy.

It’s important to understand what ‘the cloud’ is, how it functions and why its benefits are superior when compared with traditional estimating solutions.