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Effective financial management is the backbone of any business and this essential accounting software for construction & engineering companies has been developed over 35 years through work with hundreds of large and small contractors in different sectors using state-of-the-art technology. The end result is a construction accounting software which automates and streamlines your entire financial transactions for in-depth intelligence and transparent accounting. Offering a high level of security with strict access controls as well as being fully compliant with international standards, this construction accounting software gives you complete control, from creating and managing transactions to consolidating and reporting results.

BuildSmart is the only choice for construction accounting software, reporting ALL accrued and actual project cost, by ledger code and activity, to produce real-time cost management information as well as integrated enterprise accounts. BuildSmart can manage any organisational or joint venture structure and seamlessly manages inter-company transactions, reporting and consolidations including multiple currency environments, with multi-user access and role based permissions. BuildSmart provides specialised ledgers for Contracts, Overheads and Plant & Equipment to reflect construction requirements and workflows and separate work-in-progress ledgers that consolidate into control accounts.

  • Fully integrated with the other BuildSmart modules
  • Simple to use
  • Provides powerful international security features preventing unauthorised access to crucial financial data
  • Audit trail tracks all work done
  • Real time costing with live accrual allocation
  • IFRS 15 (IAS 11) profit recognition calculation
  • Debtor and Subcontractor tracking of Advances and Retentions
  • Subcontractor integration with Candy subcontractor manager for certificate progress updates
  • Easy to use Actual versus Allowable reporting
  • Enables control and risk management
  • Fully V.A.T Compliant
  • Multiple Organisations with Consolidation (Intercompany Accounting)
  • Multiple Years & Periods
  • Multi Currency
  • Account Specifications per Country requirements
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