Subcontract Management

Subcontractors may be an ideal solution to the operational needs of a project but only when there is an effective management system in place. There are legal obligations to adhere to, subcontractor progress measures to manage, and cash flows to monitor. All this, and more, requires a dedicated focus on subcontractor management, efficient processes, and streamlined communication. Effective tracking of advance payments, subcontractor reconciliation, reporting, and retention and release dates are just a few of the benefits of using subcontract management in BuildSmart. With a variety of features coupled with full integration with Candy Subcontractor Management, this is the ideal software for construction companies who are looking for effective subcontractor management and timely and accurate data.

  • Track Advance payments
  • Track Retentions and due/release dates
  • Monitor and Report on Subcontractors per Contract (individually and or consolidated)
  • Knowledge of one source of truth when integrating valuations with Candy
  • Significant Time savings between Commercial and Finance Team
  • Concise understanding of exact Subcontractor commitments
  • Separate Subcontractor Ledger
  • Multiple Subcontractors per package
  • Subcontractor Progress
  • Subcontractor Certificates & Applications for Payment
  • Contra/Back Charges, Retentions, Advance Payment Control
  • Report Manager
  • Integrated with Candy Subcontractor Management

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